Vice Interview Tony Pike Filmed at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza

Vice Interview Tony Pike :

“I saw a very attractive woman, Pepa from Salt n Pepa. I thought, ‘I’ve got to get some coke.’ I racked up two lines, hoovered it down, and it was ketamine.”
The 83 Year Old Ibiza Party Legend Tony Pike

Tony Pike is an 83 year old Ibiza legend who passed away in early 2019 after a lifetime of partying. Furthermore, his hotel ‘Pikes” has been a debaucherous hotspot for celebrities spanning decades, boasting such guests as George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Liam Gallagher and Grace Jones. After the release of his biography “Mr Pikes: The Story Behind the Ibiza Legend”, we had the chance to meet the Balearic icon as he gives us a tour of his historic hotel off-season and hear some of the many hedonistic stories from across the years. Vice Interview Tony Pike

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