Movie / TV Series

Mr Pikes The Movie / TV series. Ibiza is quite the rumour mill, you only need to go to Rita’s canteen in San Antonio to hear the latest gossip; So it’s not news that we’re making a film. While we are under strict instruction not to let the cat out the bag, we’re sure if Tony was here today, sitting on his usual bar stool he would be the first person to reveal ‘who where and when’ and be making a big deal about who he wants to play him in the the movie / TV series.

Serious thanks for all the interest. Feature films, Netflix series and a whole host of documentaries. It was a crazy ride in itself, literally blowing up attracting interest from all over the world. There was a period that there were offers nearly every day. We are grateful that we met some very interesting people along the way. We wish we could have accommodated everyone but in the end we had to choose the right pick, one which we believed would show Tony in the best of light. All we can do now is wait eagerly for Mr Pikes The Movie / TV Series.

Until more TV/Film news is released then you will need to read the book. If you have already read the book, try the audiobook

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