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Books just finished, Tony's a happy man, Pictured here with Matt Trollope

Author Matt Trollope.

Co-writer of Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend.


It was the the middle of the night… the phone rang, it was music producer, Jack Eye Jones, calling from India asking if I would co-write Tony Pike’s autobiography?! My answer was as simple case of… 
‘When do I start?’  
You’ll have to spend the best part of a year with Tony in Ibiza,’ he told me. Erm?  I’m pretty sure I can handle that.

Writing in Ibiza

But nothing could prepare me for the outrageous, hilarious, emotional, eye-opening and mouth-watering eight or nine months spent with Senior Pike, the iconic boutique hotelier. Nor the year and half after the book was published as he mischievously partied out the final few months of his life the only way he knew how, always with a blonde in tow.

Ibiza is simply the best and worst place to write a book. Tony Pike, both the easiest and most difficult person to analyse and summarise

I was aware of the Pikes story… and had been introduced to Tony a few times over the years, but was intrigued at the opportunity to get to know the man…to dig deeper behind the well-known tales of celebrity and hedonism. To find out the ‘Story Behind The Ibiza Legend’.

An A-list life lived in Ibiza at Tony’s spiritual home, Pikes hotel with true stars of his generation. George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Julio Iglesias and Grace Jones…to name but a few. Those huge megastars and the tens of thousands of guests who loved Pikes for its conflicting relaxed ambience and party-hard ethos always returned.

Howard Marks Tony
Howard Marks taking notes listening to Tony's life story

Mr Nice

My predecessor for the role as writer was none other than one of Jack Eye Jones’s friends Howard Marks, Mr Nice himself, celebrated drug smuggler turned author, who sadly passed away shortly after he began working on Tony’s book.

So huge and esteemed shoes to fill, but then there were no bigger shoes (or pants) to fill than Tony’s. So often THE star of the show himself. 

The second time I met up with Tony, at the age of 82, on a Saturday morning in Ibiza in early 2017, he was fresh from a threesome with two Dutch models, stood at the bar of his apartments in Santa Eulalia in his dressing gown, sipping his trademark Cortado, reminiscing excitedly about his night with another ‘good couple of sorts’. They’re coming back this afternoon,’ Tony enthused, rubbing his hands together excitedly and chortling in trademark fashion. 

Howard & Tony
Howard Marks AKA (MR NICE) & Tony Pike

The real Hugh Hefner

Everybody came back to see Tony, the man Boy George dubbed ‘the real Hugh Hefner.’ 

Nobody could match Tony’s sexual appetite, nor the allure of Pikes. 

George Alan O-Dowd “Boy George” 

Boy George & Tony Pike
Boy George & Tony Pike




Meet the playboy who built himself a playground by reading Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend. 

Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend


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