Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend

Tony Pike – Mr Pikes RIP. Feb 22nd 1934 – Feb 24th 2019. 

Where do I start? I suppose this is as good a place as any. Here you will find all the latest and past information relating to our late friend, Tony Pike. Furthermore, you can find convenient links to all formats of the Mr Pikes Book, including the Audible audiobook. Also, information on the forthcoming film or TV series, based on the incredible life story of Tony Pike as read in the book.

Mr Pikes: The Story Behind the Ibiza Legend by MT INK

Mr Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend presents a raw, unfiltered look at a success story unlike any other. Uncover the true story of Mr. Pikes, a hedonist at heart that went from a terrible upbringing to a dream life only a handful of people ever achieve. Dubbed the Hugh Hefner of Ibiza, Tony Pikes created a celebrity paradise, which was visited by the likes of Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Kylie Minogue, Julio Iglesias, and more.

The Independent: Tony binged a 24-7 lifestyle of sex, drugs, and excess. Now, this legend of the Ibiza party scene recounts the ups and downs of his years in paradise.

THE TIMES: Much-married, hedonistic hotel owner who partied hard with many a pop star and was known as the Hugh Hefner of Ibiza; John Donne may have written that no man is an island, but Tony Pike came close. For instance Known as Mr Ibiza, he was the embodiment of Balearic hedonism, a brash, hard-drinking, drug-taking philanderer whose way with women would have made even the love poet blush.

SHORTLIST: The incredible story of Tony Pike. 

THE SUN: HE was the sex-mad playboy who provided a tropical retreat for A-list celebrities to indulge their wildest fantasies.

TELEGRAPH: Pikes Hotel in Ibiza attracted hedonistic celebrities and the demi-monde.

Mr Pikes: The Story Behind the Ibiza Legend by MT INK is one of the greatest books of all time to read.

The story of Tony Pike

Queen and Cocaine (different Queen)

Tony was certainly no stranger to having the rich and famous at his hotel in Ibiza. Even the likes of Freddie Mercury stopped by there on more than one occasion and in doing so created one of the most popular stories about Tony to date. As the website rightly says Tony did in fact supply Freddie with cocaine during his magnificent birthday bash in 1987. If you want to find out more about this story then head on over to the bestseller page!

Finally, if you get the chance once in your life at least, go spend a wicked night at Pikes Hotel, with your book in hand.